Reflective Summary: Topic 3 – Online Professional Profiles

Through the last week or so I have established an understanding into the ways through which one can develop one’s online professional profile to stand out amongst other candidates and increase the chances of employment. Through reflecting on other people’s work, as well as others’ reflections on my work my ideas have developed further.

Melak and I both agreed on the importance of having a LinkedIn profile. Through my initial research, I found that 79% of recruiters have hired a candidate through LinkedIn and through reading Melak’s post I learnt that 75% of companies use all forms of social media. Through an informative YouTube video shown below, the post taught me about the type of information that should and should not be included on a LinkedIn profile.

I responded in agreement, whilst also raising the issue that LinkedIn is not the same as a paper CV and therefore should not be treated the same. My research on the Time website highlighted the importance of having multimedia such as videos, links and images on one’s profile, similar to the format of these blog posts.

Melak agreed with the point I raised and emphasised the future implications of largely word-based profiles, especially as online, multimedia-based profiles become the norm.

Melak also raised an excellent point on my blog, which was that our activity across all platforms online should be self-monitored. He raised the case of a tweet that ruined Justine Sacco’s career which is explained in the video below.

This development lead me to realise the importance of having, not only a strong, authentic professional profile, but also a positive persona across all social media. This gave me a new level of understanding of the topic; particularly the significance of our overall online persona in regards to employment and the dangers of antisocial behaviour online (a point which ties into my learning in Topic 2).

My second comment:screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-15-53-51

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