Developing a Professional Online Profile.

According to Jobvite (2014), 79% of recruiters have hired a candidate through LinkedIn. Furthermore, 93% review a candidate’s social profile before hiring. With this being said, it is clear that the presence of a professional online profile is vital for employment.

Below, I have highlighted the ways in which an authentic professional profile can be developed.


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  1. Hi Harry,

    Once again, another great blog post. Your post was very informative and the use of slideshare meant it was very easy to understand the points you were trying to get across.

    I enjoyed how like myself, you also highlighted in detail ways in which an authentic professional profile can be developed. One of the most important factors having a consistent and synonymous brand online.

    However, on my blog post I also stressed the importance of monitoring the content you post online. I used the example of Justine Sacco and how one tweet ruined her professional career and personal life. From my research, it seems that Justine Sacco’s situation is quite common and I have read a number of articles on this in the guardian. Therefore, wouldn’t you agree that monitoring your online content is very important and to remain professional at all times?


    1. Thanks for the response & feedback Melak.
      Your point could tie into the statistic in my post, that 93% of recruiters review a candidate’s social profile before hiring.
      Following your comment I did some research into the case you mentioned and others involving a similar situation. This has lead me to agree with your point and further highlighted the importance of, not only our professional profile, but also our social profiles and how we conduct ourselves on all online platforms.


  2. The colourfulness of your article, though it might sound somewhat basic, was a huge pull factor for choosing you article to comment on. By using info-graphics effectively, you made your article stand out from the others and draw any potential readers in.

    I also feel that you made good use of slide share in order to add a more interactive element to your post. This isn’t widely used and is far more enjoyable for the reader, as opposed to scrolling through large chunks of text. You were able to use this tool to go into a lot more detail than other pieces about how one can create an authentic online profile – hints are tips such as not having too much text and finding a balance between images and chunks of text was not only relevant and helpful, but also easy to understand and action.


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  3. Hi Harry,

    You did a good blog that break traditional form of blog and really attacked to me. As you mentioned in your blog, clear and concise information should be available at a ‘quick glance’. And I think you gave me a good demonstration. You only used very brief sentences to highlight how to create a brand which made me easy and willing to read your blog. Also, you mentioned that it is vital to create a professional online profile that stands out and images are much more visually appealing than text. First, I think the way you show your blog is stand out, and you used lost of images to made your blog colorful. What’s more, I think your gave very good advises to us like contacting details should be reality and using multimedia to “selling myself online”.
    Overall, I really enjoyed your blog!


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